Bienvenue en France

Where a twenty minute taxi ride costs €90 ($150.37)

France is just how you can imagine, from the movies and the books.

As we flew into Nice, we were amazed by the clear calm, blue of the Mediterranean ocean and the neutral coloured, provincial French homes dotted through the hills and mountains and along the coast.

We finally arrived at our apartment in Antibes. The view from our window over Old Antibes, was like something we had never seen before.

The hand paved cobblestone streets are all lined with big beautiful stone and earthy coloured, old apartments, with brightly shuttered windows. Small roof terraces are lined with manicured planter boxes.

There is also a massive carousal for the children, right in the middle of a cobblestone path.

Antibes is full of old world French charm.

We woke up the morning after we arrived to a man sitting outside our front door playing incredible tunes on the trumpet. There is so much character and liveliness in this quaint and authentic, historical beach town. 

The streets are filled with little boutiques, gourmet food shops and elegant fountains, there are treat shops on every corner selling delectable gelato, crepes and macrons.

We soon discovered a daily market which has an abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, spices and cheeses which is all sourced from surrounding villages.

Some of the French residents don’t even speak a lick of English, which makes the journey all more realistic and authentic.

The coffee isn’t quite the same as New Zealand, although we have managed to find a couple of spots – Choopys and Lucky Break, that do great coffee but it comes in costly at around €4 ($6.68) for a flat white, but the country makes up for it in beautiful, cheap French wine, where you can nab a delicious bottle of Rosé for around €2 ($3.34).

Bon appétit!

Until next time,

C & Z ❤️



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